i dont know whats wrong with me!! 

i dont have trouble with guys flirting and hitting on me but they never ask me out. whats up with that?

i recently liked this one guy and i am practically throwing myself at him but he wont ask me out. same with so many guys. i refuse to ask a guy out because im so afraid of getting rejected after my last relationship: he made me believe he loved me, he told me he would die for me. i fell head over heels for him as we spent everyday together. then he started acting like he didnt know me, completely ignoring me! then i found out he asked another girl to prom. summer started and i waited by the phone for 3 months waiting for him to call. i stopped eating and became anorexic. then i went back to school and was about 95 pounds. i found out he had a girlfriend and stopped eating completely, lost another 10 pounds. starting passing out and was forced to eat again. so i started binge eating then became bulimic. i was arrested for doing things to fill the void. i started smoking pot and cigerettes. got in a car accident because i was crying about him. and right now, i am still bulimic, and basically still depressed. and quite honestly, im not over him. 

yeah so after all that, its hard to ask someone out. and i just need to make a clean break from that last guy. i hate being alone. i dont know how to go about letting a guy know i want a relationship. how do i get him to ask me out? 

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I used to wonder why I didn't get asked out more often. I never liked to talk about it though and never asked anyone, partially because I didn't want to complain and partially because I was afraid of what the answer might have been. Then one night I went out with some friends. I got a little drunk, which always inspires me to talk about things I don't have the nerve to say sober (ha!). I was moaning about it to my friend, and asking if they could tell me, honestly, what it was about me that seemingly repelled men. Heh, well, in all of this I must have been talking loudly because a relatively attractive guy joined in our conversation and told me that guys are probably too intimidated by me. He said he himself was a little intimidated by me. It made me remember times when my friends would tell me so-and-so used to have a crush on me or so-and-so tried to flirt with me but (oblivious me!) I never noticed.<br />
So okay long illustration to my point, but basically, I can see from your photo that you are a really cute girl, and you sound like you've got a brain. I think if there is anything that will intimidate a guy it is that. <br />
I guess the moral is that guys can be just as nervous as you are about striking up conversation. As for how to solve that short from you yourself being the first to bring it up, I'm not sure. You could try doing like me (although my success wasn't planned by any means)- bring up the general subject of how you want a boy to ask you out and can't understand why they won't. Then hopefully the guy you are talking to would jump on the cue?

I know exactly how you feel. It's so annoying when a guy flirts with you and stares at you all the time, and you think they like you, and you get friendly with them, but then they never ask you out! I mean what's up with that? I hate guys who **** with my minds. I'm actually like you too...I even professed my feelings to two guys and got rejected. I feel like I've no inner dignity left. It is completely depressing. Why do you think we feel this way? Sometimes i think I'm addicted to love. Whenever I stop thinking about somebody, there is always another who preoccupies me. I don't think that's normal!

whooo, completely crazy. the only crazier thing is to do the stomach bypass surgery.

kinda crazy that you have problems with guys not askin you out.. I probably would if I knew you in person and whatnot... maybe your just hangin around shy guys?