I Want Someone

I'm 20 and have never even been close to having a serious boyfriend. I spent most of the my time at school trying really hard not to be bothered that I never got any male attention but since I've left school I've realised that I really do want it. I'm not very confident and I'm quite picky so I just feel like I'm never going to find anyone who I want to be serious with or who wants to be serious with me. I really think I would so much happier if I could find someone to be with.
Jypzyrose Jypzyrose
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 12, 2007

It's so hard for me to go out and look for someone, I have self-confidence issues ever since I was a little girl. Guys I think do find me attractive but I'm not sure how to deal with all the attention I get sometimes, for now I don't think I need to be worrying about that and just go for what I want in life, Which would be a nice place to settle and get into the routine of a normal life supporting myself. I want freedom and Independence and I don't feel like I could get either of those If I were in a relationship. Don't sweat it some women don't start dating til they're much older, just wait and I am sure that the right man will come along. =]