I want a boyfriend who is my best friend - who can laugh & be just a goofy as me without restraint. I want the kind of boyfriend that no matter what we go through as long as we look at each other we can smile. I want the type of relationship that I don't have to wear high heels & fancy clothes all the time when we go out to try to "impress" him. . . I want the type of love where I wake up & he is the first thing on my mind. Shoot, I want to be the first thing on HIS mind lol. I want to feel comfortable around him enough to the point I have on NO makeup!!! I want to meet the type of guy that has a positive outlook on life but isnt lame af. I want to embrace my sexiness with a guy and not be pressured for sex. I want to meet someone who has a close relationship with God!! I want to meet a guy that I like that does not have children.... Is that too much to ask?!? I wish I could meet someone who won't use me for money or take advantage of my generosity for a "come up". I want the type of relationship where I can talk to my man on the phone ALL NIGHT until the sunrises. I want to go back to the days people used to kiss each other through the phone. And Pleaseee I do not want to talk to someone abusing drugs - that goes for weed/cigarettes/alcohol too. & last but not least, can he be attractive?
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014