to all the ladies out there -

i posted a story about going to "i want a girlfriend " section to look for people interested in a relationship if you "want a boyfriend". but it seems that both of us just post and wait around.

so my question - what is it you expect after posting on this section. like - do you expect peoples opinions about your feelings, or to talk about it? do you expect a guy to propose trying out a relationship with you to see if you both want something like that? or do you post and wait?

coz it felt wierd to me that there are so many of us who want to meet people and see if we could care more and be cared for. but even if its the internet, and out of everything, ep, we just post in different sections and wait around. no offense intended. cheers :)
kragoth135 kragoth135
22-25, M
Aug 18, 2014