My Perfect Cub

He has green eyes, and brown, curly hair. We know eachother well, and we know ourselves well; there is an unexplanable awareness of eachother. He plays the piano because he thinks it's beautiful storytelling through the use of hammers and strings. He introduces me to new things, and I introduce him to new things. His laugh annoys everyone but me; to me it's music. He's not afraid to try new food. He makes the most interesting observations about people on the street. His humor is great -- odd, but never uncomfortable. He understands my logic, and corrects me when it's wrong, just as he trusts me to correct his when his is wrong.

The hard part is that I know he's somewhere out there, and I'm trying my best not to find him.

misteraugust misteraugust
18-21, M
4 Responses Sep 6, 2009

sometimes i'm afraid of finding him

Geez I wish I played piano.

good luck! sounds like a great guy

Sounds like me as a man.