My Heart Aches; Why Can't Fate Just Give Me One Boyfriend?

:( I'm so sick of being so lonely. I dream nearly every night about having a boyfriend, but it seems like all guys my age are such jerks, or horndogs. I have needs, and it sucks no one is there to fulfill them. I'm a sucker for romance movies, but whenever I finish them, it's like my heart aches even more. I just want to know what it feels like. That's truly all I want for Christmas.

Angieeebabayy Angieeebabayy
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11 Responses Dec 3, 2009

I feel the same but you are SO young, I felt like that when I was your age and I had my first bf at 22

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i can feel that.........

The thing about relationships is that we gotta learn first to be alone, to feel happy and fulfilled being alone, so you don't feel happiness depends on the other person, not needy on him, we all need a complement, somebody to share our passions, our joy and sadness, but we gotta learn to trust ourselves first, to be confident, and believe that there's somebody out there who's the ideal for this moment of life, we shouldn't lock ourselves in that feeling of loneliness, heartache, eternal longing, but to enjoy everything else that life offers, and when you less expect it, when life seem all joy, tranquility, adventure, fun, then you're ready to share all that with someone else, and if you see a romantic movie, you just should get dreamy, believe, and fantasize but not idealize, and just feel all that romance going through your veins... just be yourself, enjoy yourself, and cherish yourself... Luck and Peace, <br />

Man tell me about it. Everyone is always asking me why am I single? The one's I am attracted to are complete JERKS. The ones that are sweet and worth it I ignore and am not attracted. I just want a guy where the feelings are mutual. I have been hurt so many times and I can't bare to watch romance novels. I am anti-love. Not because I choose to be; but the hurt made me bitter.

I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 22 years old. When I was younger all I ever wanted was a great guy to love me and ease my loneliness. I'm 24 and on my second relationship and I'm starting to realize that being in a relationship can only do so much for how you feel about yourself and your life. I value my independence and have learned to enjoy my own company and now I'm hardly ever lonely although I choose to spend a lot of time alone.<br />
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Real relationships are not portrayed in romance movies...

I don't understand why you watch romance movies. They will only make you feel more painful. I loathe romance movies. Never touch them.

I miss my ex right now. Spending Christmas without her is going to be a bummer. Quitters are lame. I'm not a bad guy >:(

That's exactly how i feel...

I understand how you feel. its really harder around the holidays. i feel like everyone has someone but me. i think we both need to just try and be positive as much as possible...even tho that is hard for me....and hopefully the wait will be worth it in the end.

I know what you mean and how you feel. I would be sooo happy to have one for Christmas.