Forever Heart

Some people wish for cars, big houses, great jobs and more. All I wish for in life is a forever heart.  I have weathered many storms and proven that I have what it takes to weather them but I have never made it to forever with someone.  I want a man with a forever heart.

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Hope less and do more, you will never meet anyone with little effort, don't go for the guys that hit on you, pick the shy ones that would appreciate you more, the ones that haven't been with many women before because they feel bad about mistreating them.

I know how you feel, i feel the same way. I hope you someday soon find what you are looking for

beautiful piece of writing by infiniteheart

you can be my gf

maybe in someday

Its times like this I'm reminded of the line from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :: Sometimes when adults say forever they just mean a very long time.<br />
<br />
Ten years is a very long time but its not forever and not what I got married for.

I am with you, infinite. I believe he is out there, and I will wait for him as long as it takes.

MAIL<br />
for friendship

Who would not want a forever heart, the irony truth about it is Nothing Last Forever. There is no point in having someone forever, if it meant nothing that lasted whenever. So I would prefer to ask for meaningful and lasting heart.

You need to stick to your love even when there is not the same feeling ... it will never be same all the time ... it will go after a long time ... but for sometime ... and then when it will return , the feeling will be more stronger ... but people start blaming each other in the time when the feeling is not there ... they need to wait for sometime

Well lady, I don't know if I have an forever heart, I do know I have a very gentle and loving heart. <br />
An ex-girlfriend said to me at the end of the affair: "you are special to find someone special" <br />
<br />
From a single boy from The Netherlands (33 years)

don't worry luv, the journey is long. you will find one.

I feel the same way.. <3

i understand.

So what do you do to get him? Besides wishing...

Meant with a loving heart. Please don't take this otherwise..If you want a forever heart..1st love yourself, respect yourself..NOT saying you don't. Then evaluate do you need a forever heart or want a forever heart. If you need one, it will be sensed by who you want and probably will not go well. Easier said than done, but you have to love being with self 1st then the rest will follow. If you Need to much...not saying you do. The one you want will not see the true wonderful person you are and just see you as needy. That is a big responsibility for anyone. You have great gifts, and are worthy of much more. I am sorry for your trouble's.

I have had enough of MRN. I want Mr. Forever and I will find him. I may have found him in fact. I will keep you posted.

I hope you find what you're looking for FH. It's so hard to find that one person. I know. I usually settle for Mr. Right Now.

I don't think I will ever forget my boyfriend or my ex husand either. They both own pieces of my heart that I would never take back. I move forward in my life though and live with the decisions, good and bad, that I made in my past. I am sorry you are hurting.

I understand your story and where it comes from.

I sure will lol.

Very eloquent... I hope you find him. if he has a brother, cousin, young uncle with a forever heart too- send him my way. I would love one too.

Thank you.

Don't we all??? Good Luck on that, hope you find him.

That was such a sweet proposal. Thank you.

Chose me and make me the luckiest man in the world! <br />
and if not i wish you a good lucky.

Marry me and make me the luckiest man in the world!

Thank you for your kind words.

I'm glad that you are looking for that one person. All you need is time and he will be with you in no time. I hope and pray that you can find your true love soon so that you can be happy.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and to give me positive comments and well wishes.

What a wonderful sentence you wrote,a man with a forever heart.i need that too.hope u'll find the 1 who desurves you.

and i want a woman with a foreever heart, yet alone i am!!! still.

you find that someone, the heart is there forever.<br />
<br />
even if you find them for a brief period.<br />
<br />
so is a tricky thing you wish for I am afraid

I feel exactly the same way , fh...........

Thank you for your well wishes.

I know how it feels...<br />
<br />
Blessed be )O(

You could say that my user name is my journey but I had the user name before this story came to my mind. When I created the user name it was more than this story. It was more about how I follow my heart through life with my brain weighing in as a secondary action.

It is intriguing. I like the way it feels when I am in love. I want that feeling again some day and I will have it.

Forever is a long time for an independat soul such as thee<br />
Knowing that you always have this need to be free<br />
<br />
Yes you are smart and admire that in your mate<br />
Not willing to seek no other never to compensate<br />
<br />
You get told you are pretty and you know you are so much more<br />
If they just see that in you, quickly show them the door<br />
<br />
So don't look for a forever heart , just one that is true<br />
Leave forever for the fairy tales, its just not for you

I understand this one.