Forever Heart

Some people wish for cars, big houses, great jobs and more. All I wish for in life is a forever heart.  I have weathered many storms and proven that I have what it takes to weather them but I have never made it to forever with someone.  I want a man with a forever heart.

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You need to stick to your love even when there is not the same feeling ... it will never be same all the time ... it will go after a long time ... but for sometime ... and then when it will return , the feeling will be more stronger ... but people start blaming each other in the time when the feeling is not there ... they need to wait for sometime

Who would not want a forever heart, the irony truth about it is Nothing Last Forever. There is no point in having someone forever, if it meant nothing that lasted whenever. So I would prefer to ask for meaningful and lasting heart.

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for friendship

I am with you, infinite. I believe he is out there, and I will wait for him as long as it takes.

Its times like this I'm reminded of the line from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :: Sometimes when adults say forever they just mean a very long time.<br />
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Ten years is a very long time but its not forever and not what I got married for.

maybe in someday

you can be my gf

beautiful piece of writing by infiniteheart

I know how you feel, i feel the same way. I hope you someday soon find what you are looking for

Hope less and do more, you will never meet anyone with little effort, don't go for the guys that hit on you, pick the shy ones that would appreciate you more, the ones that haven't been with many women before because they feel bad about mistreating them.

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