Please Help Me !

Hi i know I'm only young but i need some help/advice  from people who understand what I'm going through .

 In the last few months a lot of things have changed in my life and not necessarily for the best . I always turned to this one friend for help and advice they have been there through everything with me . A few moths back i realized that i had fallen in love with him but i was to scared to tell him because i had recently had some boy trouble and could not bare to think how i would mange without him if he did not take it well. I then found out my oldest and closet friend liked him and i already knew he liked her , one night they told each other how they felt and on that night after they had i deiced i had to tell him how i felt but i did not tell him how strongly i felt for him, Time passed now him and this other girl are in a relationship they both now know how strongly i feel for him that I'm in love with him which i told them myself because if they had to know i would much rather i told them they heard it from some rumor.

But now i don't know what to do anymore he is not only my best friend he is also the person i trust the most in the whole word and my first true love and i don't know how to deal with this anymore


If you have any thing you think may help me or just general experience then please comment .            

(P. S sorry about my spelling)

Bayhan Bayhan
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2010

Hi, first of all I m sorry for clicking my reaction as of feeling entertained after reading this story.Baby, there are always two ways available to everyone has two ways for tackling out the circumstanced occurred in their life, first one is by opposing the happening in that way so that those thinga can be converted as we really greed, and the second way is just to follow the things as they approches us and to flow in the same way as they r.<br />
Now its very simple to understand that first way possessed a hell lot of suffering, pain, trouble, wastage of time, unhappiness, undesired loneliness and finally turned out in our pessimistic representation in front of the others,<br />
While if follow Second way, it has been a practical experience of myself that if we agreed to accept all things in the same format as they come, none of them can put any harm to our life, our world and definitely at last it can;t turn back our happiness. <br />
You are good enough baby, as because u must be feeling how much seriously this guy (of cource I m talking abt myself) has involvement with ur personal issue. I mean I like u and this is sufficient for u to be happy. I am sure that I am the best for u. leave that idiot away of ur life, and just try to be chill sweaty. <br />
I will wait 4 ur response. Til-then take care of urself<br />
bye... ... ... ... ... ..