Like the all other women I get sick of shaving, stubble and I'm scared to death that one day I'll slip and nick myself. Ouch!! To me its better to have a full bush that is by now fluffy and soft than to have the rough stubble that starts creeping up the day after you shave it. So I want a brazalian. I have waxed my bikini line and though I was gonna die of agonizing pain. If it wasn't for the fact that I had put strips on both sides first I probably wouldn't have done the other side!!! So anyway, I know how I will react to a full waxing. But I am curious as to how they go about waxing it. Do you lay on a table spread eagle and let them do their thing? How will I feel about someone spreading my butt cheeks to get to the hair that is never seen even by me? And do they offer pain relievers?!!!
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okay so i tried it at home and got the right side ***** pulled off and decided to leave the left ***** on after discovering that it does infact hurt like a ***** and you nayma are a crazy person!!! or maybe i just have no tollerence for pain I inflict upon myself!!!

I have it done at home I do it my self probably about 6 to 6 week´s, and it´s not that painfull, I always waxed my legs and croch and then I started on my pubs about a year ago and it´s not that painfull, it hurts more if you think that all the time you´ll be in the chair..

nope i still havent had it done and after reading your comment kros i dont think i ever want to!!!

Take two panadol an hour before. Do it soon after your period; you are most sensitive right before and during. Trust me, I went against both of those and I was in agonizing pain. <br />
<br />
What happened:<br />
<br />
1) They told me to remove my undies and lie on the bed-chair<br />
2) She applied a tissue under my butt<br />
3) Talcum powder was sprinkled over so that the wax wouldn't stick<br />
4) She asked that I relax my legs so she could work easily<br />
5) Hard wax was applied (so no need for strips, they just let it dry and then rip it off with their fingers) in small sections starting from the outside and working in<br />
6) Agonizing pain<br />
7) Repeat step 5 and 6 many, many times<br />
8) Apply something soothing; lotion maybe?<br />
9) She didn't go near my ***... Maybe I needed to ask.<br />
<br />
Hey I just realized this is a few years old, haha, hope it may be relevant.

God i want to get one done so bad!! it's just so expensive around here!!

I'm sure it hurts and I'm sure it sucks. But my ex used to do it and there is nothing better!<br />
Not only is it super sexy but when it's growing back in it's not that super harsh stubble. From a guys perspective WE LOVE IT!