Which One?

for some reason my mother thinks laser hair removal is better..any thoughts?
desieyez desieyez
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 19, 2007

Lazer is the way to go! I had 5 treatments 4+ years ago and am still very very smoth, front to back. Just a little, very fine hair growing back but a quick swipe with a razor and it's gone... Smooth on smooth is the best!!!

I found the laser a bit less painful, but more expensive. On the other hand, four or six times (or fewer if you're lucky) and it's done forever.<br />
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If you want to grow it out, stick to waxing. If you really want it gone, I recommend laser.<br />
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Your body, your decision. Don't listen to those who consider one way or the other freaky or a political choice. It's your choice. <br />
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But if your mother is willing to pay, maybe you might want to let her think it's her choice.