First Time To Do This - Nervous But Want To Try

trying to get up the nerve to get a brazilian waxing - any tips for prep for a guy or info on how they do it?  am nervous about what the salon staff will think or say.  I'm a straight guy, wanting to try this for years.

bradhov bradhov
36-40, M
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Not sure where you are but, there are plenty of ladies that handle themselves very well with this. In fact in the NYC area there are some that will only do men. No big deal, the water's warm..dive in.

I have had two waxings and am now totally comfortable with the process. It was awkward for me at first, but once I was lying down naked with this stranger putting hot was on my body and talking to me about day to day experiences, it all seemed very normal. It was less painful than I feared and the discomfort stopped as soon as the wax is removed and does not linger. I am much more uncomfortable with the idea of shaving as it seems more dangerous and a slip up could be very unpleasant. I have never shaved, but will continue with the waxing as the way to remove body hair.