Too Big For My Size

My bra size is a 36GG. I went to Victoria's secret and they tried to squeeze me into their biggest size. (DD)
I finally found that Fredrick's of Hollywood has cute bras that fit me for way less than the ugly granny-style ones I had to get at Nordstroms before. I dream of being a 36D. What I most hate is that I can't feel sexy without a bra on because gravity is not my friend right now. :|
I wear a size 11 pant and I'm 5'10. With out the large breasts I would be able to fit into a size medium/small instead of the xlarge I'm currently wearing. It sucks having to buy pajama sets in two different sizes just so I'll have a set that fits me and matches.
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2011

From your description of the rest of your build, you are actually not too big at all, and if only you could learn to love your breasts instead of planning to destroy them with surgery, the world would be a better place.

You have been blessed. Don't do any with what the lord has given you. I'm SURE you look fabulous JUST the way you are :)

Don't get a breast reduction unless they cause you health problems!!! <br />
For starters think about the following things:<br />
1) Excercise helps, they can at least become slightly smaller if all of you is smaller. <br />
2) There are many support groups for women with large breasts online, just google for them. <br />
3) Victoria's secret is not the place for you to shop... Victoria's biggest secret is that she has small boobs, and lots of padded bras. There plus size bras you can buy online, at a reasonable price. I am sure you can find women here on EP to help you.<br />
<br />
4) If you get a reduction, the following things can happen:<br />
they grow back to their previous size<br />
you get scars<br />
you want to change your mind<br />
<br />
5) You are worried about your apearance:<br />
First of all - you shouldn't be worried about what anyone else things, and be happy with who you are. (Way easier said than done, but true)<br />
If you are worried about guys - There are men who would do ANYTHING to meet girls who have large natural ones.