Bunnies Are Cute!

i might get a bunny when I have kids since I already have a dog ( and I think he might eat a bunnie alive) I had a rabbit before but sadly he died his name was bocs-cus. he was given to us and  the man said that name was the name of the greek god of beer and wine lol idk. anyhoo he was white with a black stripe down his back and he was mean lol. we had good times though. my sister who is 18 still dosent like talking about him. Funniest thing was that we didnt even tell my mom we was getting him we just brunghim home one day LOL! Man good times. But yea a bunny later in life for my kids and his name will be hip hop lol ( all black bunny lol)
bellarose84 bellarose84
Aug 12, 2010