A Manifesto For Casual Lovers

It's not that I don't love my wife.  I do, very much.  But we got married young (I was 22) and it's hard to ignore the physical attraction and mental curiosity for other women that have been there ever since.  It's probably pretty normal after so much monogamy (I have never been unfaithful) and I know it's not something that will change how I feel about my wife.  But I miss the thrill and the possibility of a new sexual relationship, the pleasure of variety, the animal satisfaction.  As most men will acknowledge (at least to themselves, and maybe on an anonymous website) it is virtually impossible to encounter a woman and not wonder - within a few minutes of meeting her - what the sexual possibilities are.  The result of a long monogamous relationship is ... (how to describe it?), a kind of forlorn frustration and rueful resignation.  That can't be what life's supposed to be like.  Can it?  So what I want is someone who sees things in the same way.  No life-changing upheaval, no tears or recriminations, no drama, just an honest acknowledgement of sexual desire taking in its proper place in life.

gooseandbucket gooseandbucket
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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

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