I am new to this site with hopes to find out about using a foley catheter . I currently use an external cath to manage my urge incontinence, but for the past two years I have been wanting to try a Foley, but the thought of UTI has held me back. I understand many men are using them even without any medical need. For me the desire has built to the point that I am wondering if it is becoming a fetish with me. I would like to hear the reasons why you other men are catheterizing yourselves.
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I have had a catheter fetish for years. Although always a possibility, if done carefully, catheter play is safe. I would say that you can keep a foley in your penis for up to seven days like I do. When your top inserts it be sure that he/she doesn't touch the tube and that the head of your penis is clean. Don't swim or sit in the tub while catheterized. When the tube is removed be sure to urinate frequently and don't cath again for two weeks. Catheter play can unlock some of the most intense sensations you ever felt. Being careful can prolong that pleasures you years.

I just remembered an incident that happened to me several years ago. I attended a party while I was wearing a foley. I disconnected the bag and left it in the car. I ran the tube down my leg so it could drain. I forgot and danced and had fun. All the while my pee was dripping on the floor. The floor was polished marble. As the evening wore on people began slipping and even falling down. I soon realized that dripping **** and a polished marble floor do not get along. I really felt bad about it. So bad that my sides hurt for days from laughing.

I use a foley because of the restful relaxing sleep I get without ever getting up at night to void. It started as a fetish type of experiment but after using one for a week, it became an addiction to getting a full nights deep sleep and waking up rested and refreshed. I am not addicted to the foley, I am addicted to the full night of sleep. The foley is my best friend ever. I have no medical problems at all, I love drinking ice water and the feeling of having my body cleansed by it, Without the foley I was getting up 4-5 times a night and then found myself thinking about my coming day and not being able to get back to sleep.... I have used a foley now for working on 3 years and have not had any problems. Only a much better attitude. I keep my foley in for one week at a time. The wife loves sucking it and stroking me. Sex is Better than ever. She has now become the insertion nurse and removal nurse. She has made me suffer by removing it for a few days and other times made me suffer by keeping it in for weeks. I find it really needs to be a week in and 2 days out or it starts to feel like I am a hostage to her which really is an unpleasant feeling. I am not into BDSM. Bottom line ...... It is all about the addiction to being able to dink all you want at bed time and not having to get up to pee. add a belly bag for the trip to work and while at work and never have to find a place or a worry about having to pee is priceless foe me. I will wear my foley forever just for the pleasure and convenience....And, Sex with it in feels like a lightning bolt into your heart....just awesome!
UTI's are really just a result of not drinking enough to flush out the germs...Drink plenty of fluids keep it clean and enjoy.

yes, it is prolly a fetish...but read, read, read and spend an extra dollar on good ones.

pleasure is the answer I enjoy putting it in and taking it out and feeling the leg bag with urine its very nice with leather pants or sweatpants , yes it is a fetish for me

I have been using a foley catheter for many years and I have never had it placed by a doctor either. I have never experienced any medical problems or infections. If you keep the entire process completely sterile and keep yourself clean, you should be fine.

So far, I have not reached ******, but as my wife and I get more experienced, I have been producing more pre-*** fluid and the sensations keep getting stronger.<br />
The sensations are so overwhelming and undiminishing I actually don't care if I reach ******, but if I did I would probably blow a gasket.

No, I never talked to my doctor about a Foley. I don't really have a medical reason use a catheter, and I didn't want to make up a story about urge incontinence just to get his endorsement. Catheters can be freely purchased over the Internet without a doctor's prescription. Hours and hours and hours of internet research finally convinced me to be very careful and try a Foley. It still took a lot of nerve. I had pre-planned well, ordering a top-of-the-line Foley, and memorizing internet nursing videos on insertion and sterilization techniques.
When I finally did try it, I say again, the experience was almost overwhelming. I had no problem with the insertion, but I almost gave up several times with hour-to-hour and day-to-day issues. But I persisted. It was my third catheter attempt before I felt I had mastered most of the daily wear and maintenance problems. And I am learning more all the time about long-term wear.
With my latest catheter, I can quite convincingly tell myself that the benefits of wearing a Foley outweigh the negatives.
Perhaps the most unexpected benefit is that it has brought my wife and I closer together. I no longer have the ability to just "take her", which I am ashamed to say I used to do far too often. She loves me catheterized. She has been very kind stimulating me nightly with her hands (utterly crazy with a Foley!), and I reward her with her favorite sex (oral). We have to mutually cooperate, so things now very much have a tenderness and love component which had been missing in our sex for years.
Another unexpected benefit is that I have seriously improved my life style. For me (and I believe most people), caffeine and alcohol have to be avoided when you wear a Foley. And you must be on a high-fiber, water rich diet. Also, walking feels very good in a Foley with the rubbing and pressure against your prostate, so now I'm getting some daily exercise! In the one and a half months I have been routinely catheterizing myself, I have dropped 15 pounds, which means I only have another 60 pounds to go before I get back to my high school weight! I'm not about to write a diet book, but wearing a catheter seems to be the only weight loss tool that has consistently worked for me, and, by its very nature, will continue to work for me.
Last week, my main issue was that I was afraid of becoming completely addicted to wearing a catheter. For this reason, I took my catheter out last Friday, and resumed "normal" functions over the weekend - just to see how I felt about things. Everything was fine by the way. I didn't leak or dribble, and my normal bladder function took over immediately. Everything was back to normal, except that I really did miss the Foley. On early Sunday morning, my wife asked me if I could put another catheter in. That kind of made my mind up for me. Addicted or not, I don't care. Back to your doctor question - I'm not sure what I'm going to say to my doctor at my next routine visit. But I've decided I will be proudly wearing my Foley when I do see him!

You are a brave man to walk into your doctor's office wearing a Foley.. It will be very interesting to hear what he says when you do.. Thanks for sharing the benifits of using a foley on a full time basis, weight loss, improvement of relationship, better diet, etc are important positive facts that one doesn't think about. I fully understand your point about self improvement. For me even though I use an "external" cath , it is simply the fact that I will drink more water during the day , trying to flush my bladder and obtain clear urine. Without the cath on, I avoid liquids to slow down my urges. For that reason , my wife also encourages me to use my cath.
Do I ask about the sex? By your wife hand stimulating you, how far can you go with a Foley in? Are you able to reach ****** and *********

I have *********** to ****** with a 16F catheter in place - quite intense. The ***** is forced out around the catheter.
I bought mine on ebay - just do a search on "16Fr" or "16F".

Hi JB51,<br />
I too was scared to try a Foley because of the possibility of contracting a UTI. After much research, I decided to purchase some top end catheters that are designed for long term use. The important part for me was to get a catheter which was 100% silicon (not latex) with an antibacterial resistant design. Also, the higher end catheters come with a hydrophilic coating, meaning they self-lubricate inside the urethra, making things much more comfortable. There are 2-3 times more expensive than a standard Foley, but they can be worn longer. On a per diem basis, the cost balances out completely, not to mention the fact that you don’t have to worry much about a UTI. <br />
The Medline Silvertouch series and the Bard Lubri-Sil Infection Control series have all the necessary requirements. These are available on-line without a doctor’s presc<x>ription both in Canada and the United States. I only have experience with the Medline series, which have worked very well for me (no UTI’s, very comfortable).<br />
You can read more about my experiences in the “I love Catheters” group on this site. <br />
Other advice:<br />
1) I picked a 18fr Foley after some internet research and it has worked out well for me. Most sites recommend a 16fr or 18fr for a typical male’s anatomy. I would suggest not going much smaller than a 16fr as (counter intuitively) you may have problems inserting it). Also, the smaller you go the smaller the drainage ports on the tip. You want to have a good flow and pass the occasional (harmless) speck of blood or sediment. Some literature indicates sizes above 22fr may damage your bladder valve.<br />
2) Use a Foley 5 cc balloon. Larger sizes offer incomplete bladder drainage and may contribute to bladder spasms.<br />
3) Get the manufacturer’s insertion kit. It contains everything you need for a successful insertion (including a syringe full of sterile fresh water.<br />
4) There are nursing “how to” videos available on-line. Study them carefully. With experience, you can learn to insert a Foley by yourself, but a having a willing partner (who has also watched the videos) helps a lot especially in the beginning.<br />
5) Make sure your bladder is at least half full before you start.<br />
6) After insertion, when the urine starts to flow, clamp the Foley with a sterilized alligator clip or clamp. You don’t want the bladder empty when you position the balloon later.<br />
7) After the urine starts to follow, INSERT THE CATHETER AT LEAST ANOTHER 3 INCHES into your bladder before inflating the balloon. This is important, as you DO NOT want to inflate the balloon inside or near your bladder opening. When you inflate the balloon, you shouldn’t feel any pressure or pain. For a 5cc balloon, you use 10 cc of sterile fresh water.<br />
8) After you inflate the balloon, pull the catheter slowly back out until you feel a gentle tug on your bladder neck. Push the catheter back in about 3/8” (so it is not resting directly on the bladder neck). Then release the catheter clamp and let your bladder empty. This ensures proper balloon positioning, which is important.<br />
9) Avoid all caffeinated drinks (Coke, Pepsi, coffee, some teas) as they can over-stimulate your bladder and cause bladder spasms.<br />
10) Avoid alcohol completely.<br />
11) Get a belly bag, not a leg bag. Belly bags allow more clothing freedom (i.e.: short pants), have greater storage capacity ( 1 liter vs 500 or 750 ml), and (very important) minimize movement of the catheter as you go about your day. You want to minimize catheter movement as much as possible. Wearing jockey-style underwear is highly recommended.<br />
12) Eat lots of fiber (including lots of fruit). It is more difficult to defecate with a catheter installed and you will need to train your body to separately control your urinary and anal sphincter muscles. You want to able to defecate without straining or you will likely have bleeding issues (you will get blood both inside and outside the catheter).<br />
13) Drink lots of water (I drink 3 litres) per day. The Foley and your bladder needs to be flushed regularly. <br />
14) Keep everything clean. Use rubbing alcohol pads to clean the ends of the bag tubing and the end of the catheter when changing bags. Have at least 2 belly bags and 2 night bags. Bags should be sterilized with a vinegar/water solution ( 1 part vinegar to 3 parts tap water) at least once a week for 20 minutes, then drain and let air dry.<br />
I’m on my fourth catheter and simply love the experience for a large number of reasons. Besides the pleasure I get from it, I have lost over 10 pounds because it has forced me to adopt a healthier lifestyle (more fruit, veggies, increased water intake, no caffeine and no booze). My wife, although hesitant at first, has eagerly embraced the idea of me routinely wearing a Foley. There is no more “I need to find a toilet quickly” and no more getting up in the middle of the night. At night I now usually drink two large glass of water before turning out the lights. I sleep better and am more rested and wake up water-flushed and clear-headed. <br />
I was scared with my first catheter trial and the sensations were almost alarming they were so intense. I suffered from ignorance and lack of experience. But I am very glad I kept trying to make it work.

Thank you ChrisKrissy for such a complete , detailed and informative run down on Foley caths. You have give me some hope to continue pushing towards trying an internal cath.. Did you ever talk to your doctor about using a Foley prior to trying it?

Pretty well covers it very well. I have to use the straight cath twice a day and foley at night. Been on this regime for 7 years, just comes automatic now. I do get a uti maybe three times a year, but not from the cath, from not emptiy the bladder when I should.

Uncle Teo:<br />
<br />
Did a doctor prescribe the Foley? Did you ever get an Urinary infection?