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My Doctor put a name on my symtoms a couple of years ago informing me that I had "urge incontinence". He sugguested Flomax , which I resisted taking, and he understood. Since then I have been using the external catheter to manage my incontinence. I have been planning to talk to him during my up coming phyical and inform him about using the external cath., which I am sure will be no big deal for him. But at the same time I want to bring up the subject of also using a Foley at times as an alternative to the external cath. My thoughts is if he is aware of it, then if I end up getting a UTI in the future he would be on board and know what is going on. What do you guy think or suggest? Ask him about using a Foley or Not?
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I use a 0.50$ TUBING PINCH VALVE, DURA-CLAMP at the end of my catheter, no need to use a battery or plug, it is very easy to open and close the catheter and you don't have to worry about getting a nasty infection from using a dirty plug.

I would definitely go with an internal Foley's provided it is properly sized for you. Just as an aside you can by them at any medical supply store. I started with a 16FR Foley and have slowly built up to a 22FR Foley over a relatively short time period. I also used to use a bag, but I discovered that it got to cumbersome for my taste. I now just use a AAA battery as a plug and I can go out anywhere in public without anyone even noticing and can just remove the plug in the men's bathroom to relieve my bladder. I have had my Foley's in for 60 hours at present and have been in public most of the time. I would love to extend this time fr<x>ame considerably, but my family situation dictates that I can't do it as long as I would like.

Thanks for the post, sharing your experience so far of using a Foley, which I assume has all been positive. I am concern that you are using a AAA battery as a plug. I understand that you can purchase for very little cost a regular cath. plug that is sterile, and prevent you from getting a UTI. I am sure some of the other guys in this site can tell you extactly what I am referring to and the correct name of the product. Let me know if you need further info .

Just tell him your reasons as you have stated them.Using them at bed time ,every night could be to much,but explain that the externals come off,and pads etc leak.Also the 3 to 5 times getting up mess's with your getting good sleep.Ask if there is exersizes etc to control you leaking.That way it is not just cath's you are after.

yes ask.think of why a internal would be better on a occation.Be aware that a full time foley will help you loose all control.

I think your suggestion dr084 is good. My reasoning to him would be the fact of having an alternative to an external cath and not worring about having a blow off when out in public. Also the fact that that having the Foley in would prevent the uncomfortable feeling of the urge incontinence occuring . Having the option of a Foley would also allow me to be catheterized at night and prevent getting up 3 to 5 times when I have bladder spasms from the urge incontinence. Wish I could have the advice what to say from a doctor , so my doctor would like what he is hearing and give in to my desire of a foley. I understand what you are saying about loosing control , but that would have to be using on a full time basis, which I more likely wouldn't be doing. Do you have a thought of what I should say to my doctor dr084?

I have a catheter full time one thing you must be aware of is that after haveing a foley in for one year or more will shrink your bladder due to the muscels not being used. If this happens it is very hard or impossible to reverse. My bladder has shrunk having said that it don't bother me.

I just thought I did not make any comment about your doctor. Well I had been seeing my doctor for about a year for urge incontinence I used pads all the time then, but I had an idea about asking for a foley catheter so next time I saw my doctor I asked her about having a foley catheter fitted she said that as far as she was concerned yes but she must ask my continence nurse first and she would get back to me the following day well I thought that is it I will never get it. The next day came and went I did not hear anything but the day after the phone rang it was my doctor she told me I have got good news for you the continence nurse agree to the foley catheter and I was to got to the surgery the following day pick up a prescription and goto the local pharmacy to collect all of the bits and bobs to do it then go back to see her and she would install my catheter well my heart was beating as I lay on the bed for her to do it. Well from then on I had to see a district nurse every 8 weeks to get it changed until one day the nurse said to me why don't you do it your self after all I had seen her do it so many times so I had a go and now I change my own catheter. So if it is a foley catheter you want just come out with it and ask like I did if your doctor agrees I don't think you will look back.