I Need a Change

For the last 7 months my life has gone down the tubes.  I lost my job and my car within two weeks.  I worked so hard for my car, the thing that provided me with so much independence.  The man I was dating at the time was there for me but circumstances surrounding us caused our relationship to halt.  I moved back home with my mom.  I needed a change so in Feb. I went to California to stay with my aunt.  I was there for a month and a half....I needed to get out.  It wasn't for me.  All the while I needed him there by my side.  I came back and spent a whole week with him and then things went back to the way they were...me over here and him there.  He went to turn himself in (bad boy) because he had an outstanding warrant.  He's serving his 3 month sentence in a halfway house.  I am eagerly awaiting his release, hoping and praying that we will be together when he comes home.  He's given me every reason to think that things will be ok.  We've gone thru a lot and I think we belong together.  While I'm waiting for him, I sit here day in and day out.  I have no job, no money, no license, no car, hardly any friends.  I'm tired of this.  I've filled out countless applications.  I'm soooo TIRED and I want a life.  I'm lonely.  I'm sick of watching t.v.  I'm sick of the internet.  I have nothing going for me.  Are things ever gonna change?

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I think we ALL go through these "dark nights of the soul". At the ripe ole' age of 40, I know I've been through quite a few myself. One thing I learned/did that REALLY helped me out - don't scoff; it works - was to sit down, and make a list of everything that I thought was "wrong" with my life. And, then, go down the list, and see what I could do to change it, or how I could go about making myself feel better about it all. It somehow helped, just being able to see it all right there in front of me, in "black and white". Also, it helps to be sort of "proactive", if you will, in getting the old "good karma ball" rolling. What I mean is, do something nice for someone else - put some good out there! It can be something as simple as feeding the birds, or smiling at a lonely stranger. { I was having a particularly crappy day one day. When I drove by a retirement home, and noticed this sad-looking, little, old man sitting outside. I rolled down the window, gave him my best wolf-whistle, batted my eyelashes, and drove off! He sat up straight, puffed up like a peacock, and shot me a rather lecherous grin! I tell you - the dead can come back to life - I saw it ;-} Look at it this away: if nothing else, you will feel better yourself. Hang on Sloopy - hang on.

Yes,, it is normal to have difficulties but when you proof to be so patient then they day will come when you have the perfect life in your intire age. <br />
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Don't rush ,, just wait and do your best ,,, never stop trying, never feel disappointed and never give up. it is the life and one must struggle to the maximum in order to achieve the minimum ,,,,, <br />
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I can feel the pain and i know it is very painful but it is a test to see how much you can resist ,,,,,