I Pray For Change

My work/social situation is a nightmare.  I actually am working a midnight shift to avoid people I work with.  I'm so angry at my co-workers for treating me like sh"" and the worse part is they don't care. 

I know that my social situation at work will continue to suck and I just need advice on how I can be fine with it and not so angry.  These people excluded me, ignored me and talked down to me on a daily basis.  It took me a long time to get strong and stand up for myself and just avoid being around them and I also stopped speaking to them unless I have to.  I was to emotional and felt I would do something irrational if I had confronted them.   

I'm lonely and have given up talking to other co-workers about them.  I know I was stupid for complaining to other people there but I just couldn't control my anger/jealousy/resentment and it would spill out.  Someone would mention something nice about one of them and I would just loose control and go off in anger. 

They all go out and get along and I'm stuck in the corner sulking.  I just want to be OK in the corner even if they are laughing and having a great time ignoring me. 

Does anyone have any advice on how to get over this?



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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I know your pain, I feel that way sometimes too. A lot of times I have to take my mind off of work which is really hard because I am a caregiver and am passionate about it, My bosses assistant makes me feel so small sometimes. So I have other hobbies like writing, cooking, walking. At work I pray a lot for patients , and understanding, but my human nature kicks in a lot.<br />
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I really do not have the answer I wish I did, but prayer dose help and venting as well thank you very much for your story.

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