Never Going To Quit.

I've been trying to kick the habit for almost a year now, and I'm just barely 18.. but for me, my cigarette is more than my nicotine addiction. My cigarette is company. It's a friend. when you are stressed out, and you need to get away from somthing, it calms you down. its your away time when you take a cigarette break. its somthing that gives you a time out to just think and mull things over. when you walk, it provides that extra company to make you feel less alone. it gives you somthing to think about when you watch the beautiful grey smoke wift into the air. everything about it is beautiful ommitting the way the smoke is so sticky and clings to clothes and furnature. A cigarette is like a close friend. Which is why I can't seem to quit.
laurenlokz laurenlokz
18-21, F
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Clem my house... I will buy you more... Let you smoke in my house and with me

Nice to read Lauren :o)
I hope u continue to enjoy the wonderful smoking habit :o)

Good. Plz never even think about quitting :)


I smoked for 31 years. I tried several times to quit and was never able to. Finally, I chose a much healthier way to still be able to enjoy all of it without the "bad stuff"...electronic cigarettes. It is 50 times's cheaper ( in the long run ), you can do it anywhere, even inside businesses, you can slowlyh cut back nicotine to a 0% level to get to a point its just all the enjoyable parts with NO bad. I haven't smoked a real cigarette in over a month and don't miss them a bit....but I take a drag on my electronic one anyrtime and anywhere I want....its heaven for a smoker that doesn't want to quit!!!!

You are exactly right about smoking, keep enjoying every inhale!

You are exactly right about smoking, keep enjoying every inhale!