Puff, Puff, Hide! I'm a Closet Smoker!

I "quit" smoking in December 2005. I was so proud! I smelled good, my teeth were whiter, my nails are gorgeous. I smelled good (so good I said it twice!).

I have been very stressed lately, true, but still a cop out. I bought a pack the other day and now I smoke about 2-5 a day. No one knows, this, though. I don't want them to find out either. My fiance' would be very upset. He was so supportive when I quit. I only see him on weekends, so he doesn't smell the evil on me. I've only 7 minutes of lunch left-enough to have a smoke.

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4 Responses Aug 15, 2007

I smell good and I smoke. Crazy? Not to my boyfriend. Smoke or don't smoke man. Good on you if you quit and stick to it! Realize however it is YOUR choice and YOUR restrictions on your self. How can their be failure if it is your own choice? Start again tomorrow... or don't.

Yes, my ex bullied me into it , too. And I don't care how "good" it is for me to quit, it's MY body and MY decision. Last night I asked Dad if it's better to be a liar or a disappointment and he said "a disappointment" so I told him and he seems ok.

oh my god! i'm exactly the same! i kinda got bullied into stopping by my exbf. but like you i only saw him on a weekend, so during the week i used to just puff away!! lol on the weekend i used to invent random items that i needed from the shop and sneak a quick *** in then too! lol i know i shouldn't laugh as the deception isn't good, but hey! shouldn't of tried to bully me into his bidding.

hahahaha, I feel you. I have smoked on and off for twenty two years now. I quit for real from March 2008 to January 2009 and then I didn't smoke in February. Then in March 2009 I said **** it and am now smoking again. But I'm taking care of my responsibilities with work, etc, so I just rationalize by telling myself, "well at least it's not crack".