I Struggle With Commitment

I've wanted to establish a relationship with God for a very long time. But I always fail to truly commit to him fully. If I want to be what God wants me to be, how do I do it? what does he want me to do? where do I begin? How do I stay focused? I need him so bad. My life is meaningless and I have nobody to turn to. I just want to find meaning for my life, a reason too get out of bed in the morning and motivation to actually continue living. I have no happiness in my life and I'm getting worse and worse each day and it really scares me. I need God to give me understanding. I need to know what the point is for all this suffering because if there really is a God, wouldn't he want me to be happy? So why? Why am I constant pain? can anyone give me any answers?
xxdaydreams xxdaydreams
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Maybe you're looking in the wrong place. Not saying to not be religious, but maybe he's put things out there for you to try. Sign up for classes, try to find things you're interested in. My sister was in the same boat, and wen't full fledged religious. It turned her into a crazy christian. God is all around, in nature, in plants, in people, your are constantly near God. Try random things until you feel something for an activity you tried.