Holy Spirit Is Like a Hummingbird

 Is there Time for God?

 God showed me something about Himself. He gave me a vision in, let's say,my mind's eye.

He waits for us, just out of view. A perfect gentleman. Gentle, kinds, soft, re-assuring, wanting us to want Him in our lives.  There are somethings we can do to have His presence in our lives, all of the time if we want.  I will share in another story the steps to take to have this.

 I was in a garden. Beautiful, peaceful, quiet, soft, sensitive. A gorgeous place to be. Flowers all around me.The fragrence of blooming. Birds singing songs of joy. I was sitting on a bench, looking around me at the beauty. All of a sudden a hummingbird came into sight and then it was gone again. I waited and it came back so I could see it again. It stayed far away so that I could still see it, but not so I could touch it.

I watched it flitter to and from flower to flower. I waited.Then it came close to me and then by me. Waiting some more, it came back and was a few feet away, hovering in the air, just looking at me. I dared not move toward it for fear it would go away. It was majestic in his beauty. Iridescent greens and blues on his throat. I put my hand up toward it and he flitted away. I held my hand up there motionless, just waiting. Then the bird came back, still taking me in and I, him. He then landed on my finger and I was not moving, but he was gone again.

Patiently enduring, not wanting to move so as to entice him in, he came back. He landed again and quieted his wings, just looking at me. I couldn't take it in that this diminuative creature of beauty had lighted on my finger. He looked like he wanted to leave, but stayed. As long as I was quiet and still, he stayed. Watching him, I admired his wondrous glory of color and presence. God showed me that this was Him, His Spirit. When we get in a place of motionlessness and peace, He can come to us. He can stay with us and we can hear Him speak. This was the story of the hummingbird's presence. This is Holy Spirit.

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

Beautiful. Beautiful! God contacts us in so many lovely ways. He knows how to approach each of us in many different ways according to our personalities, our knowledge, many other reasons. We know it's him but it's sometimes hard to explain to others. <br />
He is a spirit and we worship him in spirit and truth. He can hide himself from cynical, bitter people and reveal his wisdom to a 5 year old.