God Simply Put

I had some comments from another board and it made me think about how simple God is.

People have misconceptions of how God operates like He is just waiting to beat people up, and killing people for no good reason. Here's my take on it. Let me know how I do.

God gave the people 120 years before the flood came to repent and serve Him while Noad was building the ark. I think thats a good long time to wait.   He could have just zapped them outright without being patient, but He is a loving God.

He is very patient, but there will come a time when time is up and it is a fierce thing to be in the hands of a wrathful God..

Here's a brief synopsis of how it worked out in the beginning of creation. So God creates man and woman and has this great relationship with them, talking to them. He gives them the garden of eden to take care of and enjoy. He has Adam name all of the animals. Well, then along comes Satan. Now satan got thrown out of heaven 'cause he said he was going to take over God and throw Him out. So satan got thrown down onto earth. So he tempts eve and adam and they give in and sin (do something wrong). This doing something wrong was adam giving up the title deed to the earth, so now satan has authority over the earth.

But God has this plan, 'cause He knew what satan was going to do, so He sends His son, Jesus down to the earth to take back the title deed to the earth by dying on the cross, going to hell and taking the keys away from satan, then going up to heaven to be with His father. God had given the authority to man and this was the way to get it back. God cannot do on earth without man’s permission. This is a large reason why people seemingly get away with so much.

Now as christians we have the title deed back and we have the authority over satan. Satan though is always trying to get us to give it back. Jesus' blood covers our sin and we are clean inside. We now can claim the dominion over the earth again to bring down God’s kingdom from heaven. We do this by prayer and speaking bible verses about events and people that we want done and having faith to see the impossible. Like healing, it’s still available, just some people don’t believe it or don’t want it. Some people see God as this mean old man ready to beat people up and He isn’t.

He just wanted to have a relationship with His kids. Just like parents with their kids, hang out, go do fun things with. God came up with the idea in the first place. Sin and satan got in the way. Man always has free will. We aren’t puppets on a string.

God isn’t religion. It’s about a relationship, just like you have with friends. You get to know them and what they like and what they don’t like. Well, God doesn’t like sin, because He knows it hurts his children. Just like a small child running out into traffic. The parents don’t want to stop the child from having fun, but they want him to be safe. Same thing with God.

You don’t have to have a theological degree to get it, keep it simple.

Some things perceived as God aren’t. God is always about life and love. He concerned for each person on the planet. He has made it so that if people want Him, He is right there. If people don’t want Him, then He waits. Just like a waiter at more exclusive restaurants. They wait in the background, waiting for a small gesture or word to get their attention and then they are right there ready to serve you.

God will love you so much that He will allow you to choose to go to hell. He will cry over the loss. But, you’re the one choosing. He has set up consequences for sin because heaven is pure and He can’t allow something that is dirty/sinful in there. It would get burned up instantly. Along with the person. He lets us choose. Those of us that choose not to choose have already chosen. Sorry if that’s confusing.

When he made each one of us, He gave each of us a guardian angel the instant we were born. That angel plus others wait for the right words to send them into action for us. They won’t do sin even if we do it though. We have to go through God to get the angels activated.

God’s presence cannot tolerate anything impure. That’s why we have to accept Jesus into our lives so that our sin is cleaned out. God then only sees the Jesus in front of us and doesn’t see the sin any more.

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Semi, my idea is not to be flippant about God. it is to make it simple. Many religions, you have to jump through hoops and do the religious thing to get God to hear your prayers.<br />
He is a righteous and just God, but His love is unfathomable. It is beyond anything I can imagine. He is not the author of sin though. He can use situations that the devil has dreamed up to turn them around for His Glory. Like Joseph having all of those problems with his family.<br />
<br />
These days 20's and teens don't go to church and there is alot of confusing info about God. CHurches make is hard to get to God. You have to do this or that. <br />
It's simple but takes an act of the will.<br />
God just isn't out there beating people up with evil or sin. He loves abundant life and He uses his word, the bible to teach people principles of living.<br />
<br />
There is no where you can go in this world that God can't find you and love you even if no one else loves you.

This story has left the end off and I have come to share that with you,,,but you don't have to believe me just know what is in the word(bible)<br />
I am sorry but I hate that word Christian,,,,God,Goddess,did not give their choosen children that name I wish all would have ears to hear these words,,,,where in the bible does it say God called you that????<br />
<br />
<br />
So if God created his Son to come here and reunite all (man kind) All you christians live the Mother out of everything How can you possable think with Out the another half,,,your miss eve if he sent Jesus to replace man,,,then it only stands to reason that their is another part,,,,<br />
<br />
<br />
God,Goddess are here and they are going to make a lot of you Christians very an happy,,,just because you think you got the story right,,,,and I am sorry but you need to stop address the Holy Ghost as the Holy Ghost,,,it is the Mother,,,,read your word and tell me,,,gift me with your truth on this Question,,,,??????<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Where in the Bible,,,does it tell you Christians,,,,That Jesus Christ is the Lion of Juda,,,,and do not give me revalations five for this answer,,,,because you are not reading the chapter right your interpatation is a lie,,,so show me where it says that will you please,,,love and light mary

I agree with you mostly but!<br><br />
<br><br />
The stuff about God not being able to act in earthly things without our say so just isn't true. There is also more than one reason God doesn't just kill people who do stuff He doesn't like. God turns sin to his own ends - even the wicked things glorify Him even if it is not evident. And also He gives people a chance to see what they're doing wrong.<br><br />
<br><br />
<br><br />
Another thing is God isn't just love.. God is as much justice as he is love. Of course that includes punishment which can be for love (to teach you) or necessity (because a sinner can't be in the presence of God). I think overemphasizing God's love and forgetting the rest can lead to the idea of a God who will just let you get away with things because He loves you and will forgive you. God in the bible is very strict and strong. There is no wavering or hesitance, no cheeky grin and a wink. There is only right and wrong - like with Moses for example. Moses was a Godly man but still - look what God wanted to do when Moses didn't circumcise his children!<br><br />
<br><br />
Sorry I didn't mean to make that as long as I did.