Love Others

I have noticed in some different stories that responses that are the opposite are taken very hard esp. when it is against christians.  As christians, we must appreciate someone else's opinion even if it is anti-thetical to ours.  I would expect all kinds of responses. I welcome those that are opposite to mine.  Those that are agnostic or atheist choose what they do or do not believe.  I don't mind.

I love them because they have had the courage to come to a point where they don't believe what they were raised in. Sometimes different churches do a head game on us that make us think that the God we serve is an ogre or unapproachable.

We must love those that aren't like us. Pray for them. I can't change them and neither can you, only God can.  But, God CAN.  He can woo them to Himself.  If we are going to beat up on them we do no good.  We are in a spiritual battle.  Leave the flesh be.

Take the high road and love because love never fails.  I am learning more and more to love and bless my enemies. Those that I have trouble getting along with at work, I pray for them and I will not tolerate a bad attitude from me. I must die.

As we move forward in these end times we must prepare for eternity. We will be kings, priests, and judges so how should we act here to get ready for there?

Is my attitude good? Do I harbor hate in my heart?  Anger is not a problem, but it is what we do with the anger that can become a problem

Because of Christ many will be offended. Let us love past the offense.  People are desperate for something these days. As they see us loving them even though they are against us, the love can break through.


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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

you are one should condemn anyone for they have been taught.this is not a radical-fundamental state. and if it becomes one i will have to leave.that is not what this nation was founded on.