Love Experience

In the past days i was in a relationship , i don't know whether she loves me, but i really loved her. Our relationship starts in a strange manner. Both of us was in the same college, though we were not friends in the initial days but at the last semester we get attached to each other as good friends, we share our dreams, we often get emotional as we will leave each one of our friends and college entirely. From there my feeling starts for her as for a period of six months i get closer to her, knowing her more as days passed away. At last, i confaced that i have an feeling for her, after somedays she also give a positive response. As days passes away, she told me everything even about her past relationship. Our relation continues for 2 years but in these days i donot realize that  her feelings for the past relation is also continuing, one day she told me that she cannot leave with me as she cannot forget her past boyfriend. Now in that position what can i do ... i told her that i cannot live without her but she donot realize anything about my feeling, she donot even realise the pain what i suffer from. She begin to give me further reasons for whose she is not capable of continuing this relationship, she told me i am very caring she donot like that, i am possessive, ya i was possessive you tell why i will not be possessive about her, after all i love her, actually she want her boyfriend inspite that he uses her slangs everytime and he also scolds her. Days passed away i get involved in dreams in getting her back but that only in dreams. Now i really want to move on, i want somebody who can really love me ... i am very thirsty about love ... I donot know whether this blog will help me or not but surely if somebody read it can realize that what pain i am suffering from ?

krishnendusristi krishnendusristi
22-25, M
Mar 18, 2010