I Love The Weird/cool Jobs Nobody Wants

i have worked in fiberglass plants and saw mills in the summertime. 3rd shift gas stations. and babysitting gigs. i was the cashier/gopher at a tattoo shop. but my all time favorite job was working as a 'house mom' at ***** clubs! i would haul around hundreds of pounds of merchandise hundreds of miles, drag it all into clubs, into the girls' dressing room, and set it up. i had outfits, shoes, makeup, everything conceivable a dancer could want. i had dozens of beautiful girls calling me 'momma'. i did drugs with them, dated a couple of them, and hung out. i'd pal around with the managers and bartenders. get free drinks AND free VIP when i was off work. my friends all got taken care of. it was so much fun! i was good at my job as well. and my boss was my best friend. man, i do miss that job, when i get back to the states, i may just see if i can do it again. i know i can get a good recommendation....
juggalove juggalove
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

We all need a job we can enjoy.Too bad many dont get that.