All Of Them.

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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Wow, I had no idea that another woman was here, I feel I am not as special as I felt an hour ago. I wonder if true blues are welcome here? Your right though, all women, especially the ones these guys age are nutty, without the paperwork to back it up. Personally I think everyone is nutty in one way or another hiding their dark little secrets, lol. Killing themselves to conform to society and proper decorum as they put on their show for the public. But If these guys would have gotten their wish of being with a woman like me (15 years ago) trust me, the sex would have been good, but they would have went insane by the time I was through with them. (cackle) I am still fairly attractive yet I have decided to stop pulling men into my web of deceit, they always seem to run away scared of their very own fate. I am very willing to shed some light on those who are not conviinced of the dangers that await. KrazeeKimberly

hehe - and I fully acknowledge that I'm crazy - but hopefully mostly in a lovable nicest kind of way. Seriously ~all~ women = thecrazy. Even me. heh - probably especially me. <br />
<br />
Guys are SOOOO much easier to get along with. So much more chill (well most of you). Not so much with the mind games, and the needing to be psychic to know what they want/need & are thinking.