Others Think I Am "crazy"

Everytime I see someone claim to be crazy, I feel like a demon with a slit throat getting ready to crush their assumption. "I am crazy" I hear these words at lease everyday and then I go up to them and ask them these dark words "why do you say you are crazy?" Most make up **** and some say these silly things like "because i say so" or "because i like so and so" I give them a dreaded look and simply walk away.


If anyone knew what crazy really was like wanting to slit your own throat, asking people to hurt you, been in a mental asylum, been in a mental hospital twice, making up ways for people to die then preparing a way for those people to find out then report you so you can cry and scream to a police officer then have people claim you are an unhealthy freak, faking being ok then go back to my peers and becomeing more dark than before, etc...


Me I know for a fact that there is "crazy" it exists but it is a rare case...really rare so rare infact it is almost immpossible to find... Are you really crazy? I ask...according to webster being crazy is not liking someone, talking to yourself, hating everyone, or anything...all it states it that if you are crazy you are  "full of cracks or flaws "

We all have flaws but me wanting to break every bone in my body and scream isn't crazy at all, it is just being myself.


I think we are all somewhat "crazy"...not


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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Damn, sorry for the late reply...i just got back with EP and girl all i can say is that if you can get away with strangling her then she is a true friend. I always asked my friends to beat me up but they bever do and i get so sad :'(<br />
I have never seen my file but i went to the mental hospital twice and the mental asylum once and i have a few ""behavioral issues"". The doctors don't ever help, i have been to so many psychologists and therapists, it never works. Damn, men are hogs i never had sex but i *********** before and it feels good but i just don't want a boy friend for now anyways. I will beware if you want me to.

Wow, I found another female..we do have different mental conditions for sure.. I have been twisted since I was in first grade, when I tried to strangle my best friend. Funny thing is within this past year I tried to begin our friendship again, she humored me for awhile. Any ways, I have a thick file that confirms that society has me classified as mental. If you read my profile or the 10 things about me group you will have a bit of insight into me. I wasnt officially diagnosed enough to retire on disability until 2001. Though I has been seeing a psych doc much earlier in the late 80s. I know that all who ever loved me were in danger, yet they loved my wild behavior and the sex. I have written comments to many that are in this group, so I will not rewrite it here, but it adds a bit of flavor to my story. When atleast 4 guys decide they want to know more, I will tell more. Until then, all I can say is beware. Kim