My First Online Gurlfriend.

My first online gurlfriend was so beautiful, inside and out. I miss our special relationship. The most beautiful thing about is we did get to meet in person a few times also. Our first date was a motel date. Her name was Linda. She was the first cd that I dated. Before we met, we had chatted online for at least a year. So Linda really knew the things that turned me on. When she greeted me at the motel door she looked so beautiful, and very sexy! She knew I had a leg and foot fetish and was wearing a very short skirt with very sexy heels. Linda really was very beautiful, and so sexy. Linda also was kind of petite, her stature was very feminine. She greeted me with a kiss, a beautiful kiss. As we kissed I held her tight against my body, and I started to feel her clitty against my ****. It felt so good as she rubbed herself against me! To this day I enjoy the foreplay as much as the sex.
Somehow we ended up on the bed, making out. I was caressing her feminine body as we kissed. Her clitty was nice and hard pressing against my ****. I had her skirt pulled up and my pants were off. Something about a clitty in lace panties rubbing all over me is so HOT! Linda ended up straddling my head. She was extremely turned on by now. To this day . . . I love it when a gurl straddles my head! Linda pressed her hard pantie covered clitty on my lips. And I started to suck it right through her panties. By now she was extremely HOT! She pulled her panties to the side, and I put her **** into my mouth. It felt so good . . . so special! Linda got so turned on she started to pump my wet mouth fast. I could feel the pleasure I was giving her. I could taste her precum, it was so good!
I was discovering another fetish . . . for sucking she/****.. This was when I discovered that I had that fetish. I miss Linda, and I'll always have a special place for her in my heart. To this day, if a gurl has great legs . . . I'll let her straddle my head. And I'll be very willing to give her pleasure.
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

We did have a lot of fun. And we dated for a while . . . until she had to relocate because of her job. She lives too far away now to date. And because of the distance between us, we grew apart.

So what happened, how come you don't see her anymore?

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!