Loanly And Wish To Cuddle

  I'm by my self untill my parents get back. I wish that I had some one to cuddle with. My kittens can only do so much. Same with my stuff animals. I wish that I had someone right now to hold me. I would like that so much. But I guess that will have to wait. I miss waking up and cuddling with my dad. He some how makes a really good pillow. He doesn't  have a hot skin at all. Like my mom does. She makes ithard to cuddle with her. Unless its the winter time. Then I don't mind cuddling with her. I like to use my dads belly as a pillow. Then he can rub my neck when it hurts. I'm sick of being by my self. 
acjf acjf
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 6, 2010

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