A website to help find a cuddle buddy

A website to help people find cuddle buddies:

This is my brief story that led me to create this website which in turn I hope will help some of the people in this group.

I'm a guy in my 20s and after I came out of a relationship, I had regular waves of desperately feeling the need to cuddle a girl and there wasn't a single sexual desire behind it.

Maybe it was because I got so used to the high of the oxytocin release in my body from my very affectionate relationship, that when it ended, it was as if I was left in withdrawal.

I was quite surprised at the lack of a website to help people find a cuddle buddy, so as a web developer, I decided to create one to help people like us because I think there are plenty of people who want a friendship of this type.

I just launched it so membership is obviously low but if you like the idea behind it, please please show your support by signing up :)

I know this might come across as some shameless advertising attempt and I'm sorry for that but I made the website to help others and that's why it's a completely free service and is non-profit.
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Thanks jacfalcon, much appreciated :)

The site keeps going offline though... what's up with that?

I wasn't aware of that. Would you be able to provide some details in email?

info --at--

Oh! I found you! I've been doing what I can to advertise your website everywhere! Thank you so much! Let me know if I can help somehow!!!

I actuallly want to research and become an expert on physical touch, so I love networking and understanding physical touch websites and ideas.

This is a great website!! Not enough members though. :/

This is something I am goign to have to look into because of how bad my cravings for a cuddle buddy have gotten