The Cuddle Factor

He really has it ~ the cuddle factor.   Not only is he big, billowy, soft and warm but he has a voice like a warm velvet blanket that drapes me in such splendid comfort.   I enjoy holding him - hearing him breathe - taking in the amazing aroma of his skin - touching him softly as if to assure myself he is still with me, as much as to convey my joy of sharing the same space with him as we revel in these moments together.  Our arms envelop each other in a neverending embrace that we carry away with us even when we must  part.  That is what the cuddle factor is....sharing every sensation that two people occupying the same space can possibly share.  It's not really something to be quantified but merely to be enjoyed.  And its duration is however long you choose to carry it in your hearts.    And you, my love, are always there!
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7 Responses Oct 16, 2010

I highly recommend this site! It's still new but it is the perfect idea! And help spread the word if you can :)

Wow, I wish someone thought of me like that...

Ah, yes, SunnyBelle, but even after the beautiful never never land, cuddling is a wonderful way to 'land' too!

Cuddling leads to foreplay and foreplay leads to a beautiful never never land. So it all begins with a cuddling factor. Thank you for redefining for everyone.

I am such a lucky guy! And hugs get softer and more enveloping every day/....

Thank you 'hugs'. Such closeness is to be cherished and my hope was to convey how much I treasure him. <br />
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Wishing you such beautiful ex<x>pressions of closeness in your life, too!<br />
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Beautiful ex<x>pression of closeness.