Night is coming... and I'm going to bed.. 

I'm not sad... but I'm missing a cuddle of my boy...  maybe.. someone could ask, how can I miss  it when I've never felt his touch...  but I do...  I miss his cuddle...  I wanna be cuddled when I fall asleep...  at least once...  

bublina bublina
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beautifuly said :) thanks andrew

A cuddle keeps us safe from troubles and uncertainties. It calms and soothes away our cares, and joins two souls together, at least while it lasts, and maybe beyond. Everyone dreams of being cuddled.


our dreams will come true.. we must be patient :)

oohhh, AC, that was brilliant.... like you were reading my mind.... <br />
I'm longing for this... someday it will happen with my love... because he is my sensitive and romantic boy :)<br />
thank you for such a nice comment. *hugs*

How deep bublina~ You run the scenario through your mind constantly, how treasured it feels to be held tightly. Safe and warm in his arms, feeling him spoon you; As your hands gently glide across his chest, you absorb his heart beat, and it mesmerizes you, and brings with it, and udder calmness. Then you fall asleep, and whimsical dreams appear brightly, as you run together on the beach; make love under the moonlight as the waves crash, and your beauty shines on and on. He gazes into your eyes, and you melt into his loving caress, and become truly one!

Thank you Wraither :)<br />
TP, thiese words are really nice... I wish I could do that. Every night before I lie to bed, I kiss my screen with his wallpaper or read hi letter :)<br />
my bubble, yes we will :)

I know what you mean as well. I'm sure you will be cuddled as many times as you like if things work out between you two :) Best of luck!

hmm... I miss him... I couldn't spend much time chatting with him this evening... so hope tomorrow i'll be with him more... I need to hear his laugh...

ahh... I know exactly what you mean. :/