in his arms

at one

at home



and adoring him


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11 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I highly recommend this site! It's still new but it is the perfect idea! And help spread the word if you can :)

yeah and moo has some really sappy material i seen it... o yeah do not want!

omg let me find a spider...

Arorin, hehehehehe.... <br />
<br />
Flutter... waiting<br />
longing<br />
cuddling....<br />
sleeping in his arms.... <br />
uuff.. i think i need to write another mushy story to my collection :) <br />
if not cuddle.. at least *hug* for you :)

call this one cute why dont you!

When you are cuddleing, do you ever get poked in the lower back? Because then it is no longer a cuddle.

Awwwww The mush is back!