I Want to Help People

 when i realized i had  weight issues .. where i weighed 80 lbs and thought i didnt need to  gain any weight ..and i saw how horrible i was treating myself ... I came to the realization that i had symptoms of anorexia ... ( plus my nurse told me i did ) i struggled with it for almost two yrs ..  when i went into Tap i was still concerned about weight . but they  helped me overcome it when i came out .. i knew i wanted to help people ..  i had thought about it when i worked in Dietary at the hospital  but never pursued it .. i tried but once i moved to Kenwood The dream died .. along with all my other dreams . I want to  work for Acoria in cincinnati Its a treatment center for people with Eating Disorders  . I ve had low self esteem my whole life up until about a yr ago .. and if i can help one person see the beauty on the outside and in i want to do it ...
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Jun 7, 2007