I Always Wanted My First Marriage To Be The Only One

A cliche childhood dream of meeting my Prince Charming and living my days as a mother and wife of a loving family...

Well, reality sucks.

I have been married about 3 years and I'm so sick of my husband.

He is a manipulative, jealous jerk who refuses to acknowledge his own faults. He barely got a job this year... Barely. Before, he would laze around and watch television all day.. >.> I've worked constantly and asked if I could quit my job to be a stay at home mom and he said no. No!
We are polar opposites who have nothing in common.. And if I mess up he's quick to start cussing me out He is always blaming my medical condition when I get upset with him (I'm bipolar) and when I want to watch television (which is once in a blue moon) he gets moody and says I only like to watch death :/

He won't let me go to church; have friends; god forbid I don't answer my phone precisely at his time of calling...

He made me cut off ties with my family because they don't like his controlling nature.

I'm just at a loss because I don't know anyone who's really been divorced and I'm worried because I have a 4 year old and my son loves this man and his family... I just- I feel like I'm going to hurt my son.

Sephira88 Sephira88
22-25, F
Nov 26, 2012