This Year Needs to End ...

My husband moved out in January but we are still legally married. We're not even legally seperated. I want to sign those papers and get on with my life, but there are reason that I can't talk about that is keeping us married for at least the end of this yr. I met a great guy that I have a great time with but he is leery about moving forward bcz I am still married. Its holding me back.
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2007

I was still married to mine 6 yrs after we split... well he walked out! Parents paid for my divorce cause my youngest sons dad told them he wanted to marry me, but couldn't cause I was still married... LIED... Never said a word to me... told me that was why he cheated cause I told I would never get married again... then why say you wanted to... we were together when it was final... hell it was 4 days before giving birth to our son!

Good luck working through this difficult situation. It sounds like you can't formalize the divorce until the end of the year (which isn't toooo far away) but in the mean time maybe if the new guy knew you were definitely headed in that direction of divorce he would still be willing to spend time with you and get to know you better, although not formalize the relationship until you were formally divorced. <br />
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Good luck with sorting it all out.