Broken Home

my husband is an alcoholic, a drug addict, and a drug dealer. we have three children under three. i can no longer stay together for the children. i need my children to have good morals and values and becoming drug dealers and alcoholics is not a goal i want them to strive for. his father also deals drugs does drugs and is a recovering alcoholic. i hate my husband for not trying to save this marriage. he refuses to give up this life, so now i must give up the life i dreamed of. i never wanted my kids to grow up without a father. i hate my marriage *sigh* i hate my husband

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I have recently gotten back into church and my husband is addicted to prescription drugs and is an alcoholic. He has a legitimate business, but the things he does with his free time is what is bothering me. He is also seeing someone else and likes to ***** around and I am tired. I am tired of him and all his problems. He keeps trying to make it seem like everything is my fault, but I don't think so. I have been going to church and it seems like the more I go to church, the more he hates me. He told me yesterday that I go to church too much. I hate that. I am trying not to hate him, because that is no good for my soul, somebody help.

Just get out. You cant win over alcohol and drugs. If he changes later on so be it, but dont wait for it. Youre children are better off with out that then with it.

I'm glad that you are putting your kids first. Ya I would def. leave if he can't change.