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I started this group out of frustration at my inability to recover from childhood abuse at the hands of my own family members. At their refusal to accept responsibility. At the world in general for being so callous and not understanding, at the psychiatric field in particular for failing me. I feel broken.
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I understand

i've distanced myself from the entirety of my family out of the desire to survive. there are days i'd rather be dead and there are days that are fantastic. (yeah i know ... it sounds BP - *shrugs*) anyway ... thing is ... as more time goes by, more distance is placed between you and 'those' people who offended you in whatever way and made you a victim so early in life ... well ... it just gets better. it never goes away. BUT!!! you begin to recreate yourself - or so i have. it's been helpful. i didn't like who i was when i was 'haunted' by the memories. it was a hard thing to get out of. i'm not going to lie. the key for me was distance, boundaries, solitude (from 'them') and a BUNCH of SELF-reflection. i hope you're able to come out of it too. i'm sure you will - it just takes time. as does everything in this life! be patient. you're certainly not alone.

Thanks so much, you guys, for getting back to me about this. You've made me feel less alone. Slacker, I apologize again for the unintentional rating, :/ <br />
I'm hoping to be able to move on but the memories interfere a lot. I'll let you know how it goes-you guys are caring people who've made a difference. Thank you, = )

I am sorry you had such a horrible experience. I hope you can find some people on this site who have overcome a similar situation, and may be able to offer you some support.

There is nothing anyone can do. This is the world. I tried for years to tell people what I went through. It didn’t and still doesn’t care. I just accepted the fact that it is my life and burden to hold. Every once in a while I found a friend to hang out with that was right along with me (until they stopped returning my phone calls) :P <br />
<br />
Good luck