Another Dog

I had a dog. He was a wiener dog named Buddy. I had him since I was 11...he died last October...October 26th to be exact. I felt so bad that I wasn't there when he died. But to be honest I think he would have held out longer if I had been there...for some reason with me around he wouldn't just let go. Which in one way is a good thing and in another is a bad thing. He was suffering I know that...and I hate that...but while I was there he wouldn't go'd be amazed at what this dog lived through for me. Anyways at first was I was set on the fact that I'd never want another dog again as long as I live...but now I really really really want another wiener dog. I miss Buddy so much and I know I can't replace him...I don't want to...but I also miss having a dog to come home to...and to sleep in my bed with me ya know. I used to say that Buddy was my protector...he was little but I always knew I was safe with him...I knew he'd give his all to protect me. I kinda miss the security feeling ya know.
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you should get another dog that what buudy would want for you he would want you to happy

I grew up with a daschhund named Timmy. I like them but prefer a hound that is less yappy and much taller and more inteligent. My sister has daschhunds to this day. I prefer the sighthounds simply put there are soo many of them needing a home and I prefer to rescue instead of paying through the nose for a puppy when I know how many greyhounds never get the chance of a real home when their racing days are over in many ways a greyhound is the ideal companion they are gentle giants. Very lazy do not require a lot of exercise. They are very catlike and have problem solving inteligence. They have good manners from birth and they are as independant as doxies not as stuborn but every bit as protective and loyal if you can earn their trust they are very proud and know their own worth. They are royalty through and through so as it seems to be time to get another companion not a replacement but a new familymember let me recomend the greyhound. If you have any questions merely ask. Thanks for sharing. I recently lost one of my precious lads so I know the grief. However with the knowledge of just how many more beautiful young hounds that need a home it wasen´t long before one needed a home and I have the priveledge of being abel to give him that. He is wonderful and fits in with the rest of my lads two other greyhounds and one beautiful whippet.

Dogs are the greatest companions in the world. Weiner dogs are so great - they are ferocious if necessary and guard their loved ones. My husband used to have one named Sam when we first got married. Sam slept with my husband on his side of the bed - I wasn't used to dogs yet. Anyway, when I'd try to waken my husband in the morning to go to work, Sam would come out from under the covers and chase me while growling and barking at me. He was a feisty little guy!