Puppy Power

I want a fat basset hound puppy! I think its so cute and funny when they step on their own ears and trip. Then when they get older they just lay on the porch staring at you. To lazy and fat to even think about chasing cars. I have a young child so I also have to think of what kind of dog would be best around her. I need one that is lovable and protective.
Luci Luci
22-25, F
4 Responses Jul 25, 2007

We have Chihuahua's - very loving, very protective but quite active and very playful. In our home quite quiet right up until a stranger comes near our home - then look out. We have a breeding pair and one of their brood - a son. Lovely creatures.

i finally got a basset hound over the summer and it died when it was 10wks old. i forgot to get the parvo shots.:( i need to start with a middle aged dog im afraid!

I had a basset hound, and he had THE best personality of any dog ive ever seen. SO loving, and SO lovable! He was great with little kids, theyd sit on him and steal his food or whatever and he would just lazily stare at them and wait for them to stop, lol. One big problem though is that many of them tend to never fully housebreak. I have talked to a lot of basset owners and most of them had the same problem... the bassets dont bother to go outside to go potty. But that is the only flaw, and those big sad eyes make them easy to forgive!

You might try considering Labradors or Retreivers. These are both known for being protective, and Labs especially are so cute as pups.