The Feekling In My Limbs Is Starting To Tingle And I Wonder....

...and I am beginning to worry just a bit about how long I will be hanging there. I begin asking if she is there. "I am mentally sending distess calls to her now.Mistress are you there? Please mistress I am losing the feeling in my arms and legs...please come back to me....!" My mouth is filled with a small ***** gag. I am now prevented from doing more than grunting and moaning. I writhe and arch my back struggling to ease the tension in my ;imbs but the buzzing plug in my ***** just sends thrills up my spine every time I move and clench!
Suddenly hands are turning me roughly around. I can feel myself swinging in my harness. The plug is pulled from my boi ***** and I feel an extreme sense of loss. She pushes and tugs at me until I find myself suspended face down. The strain on my arms and legs is intense and I don't think I can take it for long. My skirt if forced up around my waist and I can feel my big jugs weighing my chest down. I am now spreadeagles and my shoulders are screaming in pain. I moan and writhe and twist in mid air.
Smack! I feel the slap of a belt against my bare *** cheek and I scream into my gag. Smack Smack Smack, three more in quick succession and I think I can't stand any more.
Smack Smack Smack, the belt goes on and on. I am screaming with every stroke and suddenly it stops.
The pressure on my arms is intense and my poor sweet *** is on fire.
I feel her step between my legs and she reaches beneath me for my clitty. Roughly she pulls on it to bring me back against her. I can feel her cockhead slide against my ***** opening. I must be at the prefect height for her in her 5 in heels and I feel her lunge into me. Her **** is largeer than any I have ever experienced but she forces her way in. She is pulling me by my clitty back against her and ******* me forward as she does so. She pays no attention to my moans and screams. My world is pain and the incredible feeling of **** filling me. When I think I can not stand the pain in my arms anymore the pressure starts to ease and I realize she has done something to lower the ropes holding my arms up. I can feel a bench in front of me and I can support myself on my arms. I wonder what I must look like suspended and impaled on her ****, balancing on my hands, blindfolded and gagged...
She begins to pound away at my ***** and the feeling is indescribable!
She suddenly leans over and pulls the blindfold off my eyes. I am staring into the lens of a camera, no, the camera is behind me I am looking in a mirror. She is filming the ******* I am getting and despite my pain and the wonderful fullness in my ***** I can feel my clitty growing in her hand.
Her face is grotesquely made up with wild blue eyeshadow and white pancake makeup. Her lips are crimson red and the blush in her cheeks is way overdone. She looks like a maniacal clown plunging her **** deeply and forcefuly into this poor helpless maiden...
I began to wonder if I would ever escape this situation I had gotten myself into. Yet the feelings were so strong and wonderful I wondered if I wanted to...
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Wow, not sure I could take the pain but love Domme TG

Oh my, that is a great story!! What happens next??? Can't wait for more of it!