It Is Too Much To Ask For

Most of the time, people are like " I want a faithful partner, is that too much to ask? " - And the answer is yes. in this day and age, it is too much to ask. People get a kick out of being deceiving and playing games. It's rare to find anyone faithful and exclusive anymore. Whether you are bisexual, gay, or straight - It's tough. I believe that I'd be a faithful partner. i'm pretty picky and if I find someone to date or settle down with, they will be everything to me. I would treat them like royalty and they would never have to question my loyalty. ( Not to rhyme, but it's true. ) - I would remove everyone else from my life if it made them happy. ( Not my family. ) - I would NEVER give my lover a reason to feel like I'm cheating or that they would feel insecure. When I like people I REALLY LIKE them and i expect them to treat me the way I treat them.

These days, people are too ******* horny and deceiving to be faithful. It's nothing wrong with being horny, but there is something wrong with being deceiving. Hello. Society is not cool to me. What happened to exclusive relationships? Two people love each other ONLY and don't flirt with other women or something? I honestly don't think they exist...At least not for me. It sucks.

All I want is a faithful partner in this life before I die and yes, it is too much to ask. :(
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

took the words right out of my mouth.. :)