I Want to Be a Mother

I'm always looking at little children. I love them so much. I see a baby and want to hold it, I'll have dreams about adopting a child. I wish I could be a mother, but I'm afraid I wouldn't Be a very good one. My family is poor and I have a little brother. I loved him so much when He Was a baby but he now gets on my nerves and I have a few anger issues. There not Bad like some mothers have that beat there kids. I'd hopfully never do that. I don't think I'm a good sister. I'm so mean to my brother and can hardly help it. But when I see other kids Most of the time I make babies laugh and I enjoy being aroung little ones. I want a family of 2 or three kids. A Fun Loving father and a wonderull house. But with how the economy is lately I might never be able to have one. I Might not even have a good paying job or a car. I Feel sad about it. I Can Only Dream.

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i am also 20yrs old and have been happily married for a year now and i want to be a mother too. But my husband wants to wait to have children for at least five years or until I get my bachelor's degree. And I dont know if I can or even want to wait that long. I am only doing it to appease him....but whenever i see children or babies, i think "oh how cute, I cant wait to be a mommy." I dont know if this is natural for people our age but its something that I really really really want in the entire world and its not happening for me. Everyone else I know, friends and family, are having children and enjoying motherhood and pregnancy but not me. But in the midst of it all, I keep telling myself one thing. Patience is something that I will always posses. So I have to be patient until its my turn to enjoy those same things. Hope this helps. You're not alone in this department. lol

yeah, i guess thats something we all wish for :-/

I see. I dought they will...i wouldn't wanna let me child have to live life seeing them and going threw what they put em threw. I really wish i had the money to start my own life again...hopefully more happly...but that wont happen. And i bet you can still find a wife....you just got to keep looking and search even the small places...or have her find you.

I hear you BurnEm, I'm sorry that your like that tho. They say theres someone out there for everyone, yet i dont always believe that. But in your case i hope you do find one. Its not really the worst way, we both just want someone who will love us and look up to us and who we can trie giving a better life to. I would hope that even with children. you'd still love your wife the most.....after all she will be with you no matter what. And we women go threw birth but dont always pull threw at the end. She would deserve credit too. But i know how you feel i feel the same way but i have parents that wont help me if i did have a kid. They wouldnt even want to be grandparents....i would have to run away if i ever got pregnut. Its sad really....but thats life.

I will try

It's not over yet. There's still so much time for you to get what you want. Keep hope alive.