The family i want isnt really the conventional idea of a family. Im not talking about a blood family, relatives, etc. But rather a family of friends. Friends so close that we might as well be family.

Ppl always tell me, u cant trust friends etc. If your ever in trouble they wont be there only family will, bla blah blah.

Shut it! Just bc ppl share blood doesnt make them any better or diff then other ppl. Friends can be just as good if not better

The only problem with this hope of mine js that there isnt exactly a bunch of ppl who u can trust.

For me they need to be someone that i can trust my life to in a dire situation. XP i have found 2 ppl like that in my life and i hope as an adult in the future that ill find more.
InfiniteMusic InfiniteMusic
18-21, M
Aug 20, 2014