Important Info About Me

I guess this is supposed to be a bit of a starter on Daddy Info. I hope what I say makes sense.

***As far as EP goes, I'm probably going to be posting quite a bit of sexually explicit material out there. I know that is not the sole point of this site, and if my material offends you, I don't blame you. At the same time, this is my choice of how I intend to use my account on this site. Don't like it? Ban me.

***In the lifestyle of BDSM, I'm a Dominant (Dom, for short). If you don't know what BDSM is, read the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series and watch the movie "Secretary". In real life, the experiences are much much better than those items depict and can be much more intense, but those are good starter material on the topic. While I don't mind discussing BDSM, what it's like to be a Dom, and so on, I have no interest in defending it. It is a part of my personality. I've grown to accept that it's a part of me and I will not get into discussions concerning its validity any more than I will discuss the validity of being Black.

***My sub/gf is awesome! She calls me Daddy, and she's my kitten. I looked for a long time for someone with her blend of qualities and I'm quite happy and blessed to have found them in her. I'm very protective of her and I take my role as her Dom very seriously and personally. I believe she strives very hard to be the best sub she can be for me, as well as the best gf. She succeeds marvellously. We have a great relationship that I'm not looking to change any time soon. Any suggestions or requests anyone makes to me or her will be weighed against that thought.

***We are both unhappily married to other people. These marriages are ending, but, yes, we are having an affair. No, I don't feel bad about it, and again, I won't defend it. I know others have their opinions on this and I accept that. I'm a religious man and I know what I'm doing is a sin. I also know that God forgives, heals, and redeems in amazing ways. I believe in a God of Second Chances. After hating myself for a long time, I'm realizing that I'm not a monster. I'm a human male who responded as many do to bad home situations. I've done many things wrong, but not everything. As I'm learning to let some of the hurt and anger and pain and mistrust go, I'm seeing there's still a lot of love and hope in me. My family helped me see that after a long ordeal. Kitten has helped me see that, too. For that, I love them both very much.

***I'm bipolar. For many years, I've fought with this condition and was medicated and treated regularly. I've had swings up and down and done things in these swings that I am loathe to admit to most people. Mental health issues can be very difficult to manage, partially because we stigmatize it so much in our society. If someone shows up with a cast on their arm and say they are taking meds to manage the pain of their broken bone, we don't judge them. From experience, I know that someone can say they are being treated and medicated for being depressed or bipolar and subsequently lose friends or jobs with no explanation. Personally, I choose not to hide my struggle with my disorder. I often make references to it because I think it's too obvious to try to stuff it under a blanket. I don't mind talking about it, helping others with their struggles, getting help with mine, or even explaining some aspects of it. Again, not looking to defend, but definitely looking to educate. I don't feel the stigma will go away if everyone stays in the dark.

***I love words. I am a writer, teacher, and mentor. Get me going on a topic and I will not stop until most words in the English language have been used and I need to invent new vocabulary. I think about the meaning, origin, and power of words. I hope to study Creative Writing in the summer and hope to make a run at being a bona fide published and working author in the future. Kitten and I are even working on a novel, about which I'm really excited. Anyway, the point is that I often have a hard time getting to the point. It's worse in person or on the phone when I start down some track and talk and talk and sometimes realize that I've totally forgotten the point of what I started to say. Kitten unfortunately has had to put up with what she calls "long drawn out discussions" on some fight or disagreement we have had. In that case, I stay focused on my goal, but still talk and question and whatnot, even though she just wants me to shut up and just make some decision or punish her or stop peppering her with questions. This trait is not as bad in writing as I have the ability proofread and edit. Still, no promises. If you start reading a Daddy story, you might be here for a while.

***I'm a pretty smart guy, but I'm rapidly learning that I don't know everything. I guess this is a repeated lesson I've encountered in life. In high school, a friend said "you never stop learning until you're dead!" She was joking, but I've pondered the wisdom of that joke for decades since. I'm quite certain she was quite right. This says to me that I should stop thinking that I know everything and have it all figured out. I'm not a dupe or clueless, but I don't have the world on puppet strings. I'm very open to learning new things and discussing new concepts. I'm one to philosophize and mull topics over, questioning this way and that until I feel like I have a workable understanding. This means that if you need to brainstorm and kick around ideas, I'm good at that! This also means that if you come at me with complete nonsense, I'll let you know that's what I think you're doing. And if you try to bring your brand of nonsense to something I know well, you'll be informed of that, too. For instance, do I know EVERYTHING about BDSM? Nope! I'm learning that even though I've been in the lifestyle longer than kitten, she's picked up some things I haven't heard of before. Cool! Let's learn about those things together, is my reaction. However, don't pretend you're a Dom and have no self control or patience and don't pretend to be a teacher who doesn't know how to expound on topics or has no ability to control a group. Just examples, but I'm sure you get the idea.

***I've been looking for new friends. I used to have a pretty open and expansive group that I engaged with regularly, but that seems to have gradually diminished. I am actively and intentionally reversing that trait. This time, however, I'd like to find friends with whom I can be more "natural". Friends who know and accept the Dom side of me, the bipolar side of me, appreciate a good weird story (as I have many of them), and like to joke and laugh. I feel like I've been buttoned up, comatose, and numb for a very long time from a combination of factors. I'm dropping those factors and making changes. I'm told I'm going through a midlife crisis. Ok, if that's what it's called. All I know is that changes have been due for a long time. I refuse to be the same person at the beginning of next year as I was at the beginning of this one.

I guess that's a good start. I'm sure I didn't get to everything, but who cares? That's what comments and mail and messages are all about, right? I'm open to connecting with both men and women on most any topic. If you write, I'll probably write back, even if it's to say "thanks, but no thanks, please go away". But that's not very likely for me to do, as I feel I can learn something from most anyone. Shoot me a note and let's start being friends! Have a nice day!
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Hi that's a bit of a battle you've had it seems in life. I will never condone unfaithfulness but each case I now realise is
different. Why do you feel the need to share this info? People giving you a hard time. I sort of understand why they would because people are ignorant to something they know nothing about. Sex offenders however cannot be forgiven and shouldn't be so assuming your not involved in all that and no one is getting hurt and you are happy, well what's it got to do with anyone else.

i shared this info because i know it will come out over time and i don't intend to be shy or apologetic about it. Not involved in anything illegal and no one is getting hurt. just living my life and loving it for what it is.

Yeah I can sort of understand but what can I do. If you think I can help in anyway then explain how. I know nothing about you. It just makes me suspicious when I see things like ' do you want to block this person' on your profile. I would rather give both sides the benefit of the doubt unless I know the facts.

what are you talking about?

Hi that's a bit of a battle you've had it seems in life. I will never condone unfaithfulness but each case I now realise is
different. Why do you feel the need to share this info? People giving you a hard time

I should add that I have read your mans profile and a couple of stories. I then stopped because I was given the option to block him. I don't know exactly why it says that but I thought it best not to get involved in something I can't really do anything about that is going to affect any chance I may have with trying to get some changes made for kids. You know what people are like and so I'm stepping back and thinking of myself. Anyway I'm sure you will understand. My problem is far to important to me.

I have no idea what man or stories you are referring to and why anything would be blocked. i don't know what your problem is, but i wish you luck with it.

Sorry if I've confused you. That's happened a few times when I'm speaking to a few people at once. If I've offended you then it wasn't meant

As always, very well written Daddy :)

You two seem awesome. Sometimes it seem difficult to find people who are in a truly healthy and happy bdsm relationship. So many doms take advantage of their power in a negative way, and so many subs kind of dom from the bottom or don't respect his authority enough. I admire you two! And I'm also really excited for you about your novel! I hope you are both able to be free yourselves of the negative in your past and not have to keep your relationship a secret anymore. I believe in God too, and I definitely believe in 2nd chances, so I admire you both for allowing yourselves to be happy instead of overcome with unfair guilt. Thanks for sharing your story and I'd love to be EP friends : )