Seeking Female Friend

Hi, Rachel here. I am a transexual with real natural breasts from hormones. I am seeking a FEMALE friend and confident to help me dress and makeup and do girly things with on a regular basis.  I love female clothes and putting on my makeup and am quite submissive. Hope to meet someone locally in Pert Western Australia. Rachel xxx  

femi9 femi9
46-50, T
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

I hoped you found your female friend now.<br />
They are out there for sure, just have to find one.<br />
Most don't like to advertise the fact.<br />
Some would even be bisexual or a lesbian and see you as a girl.<br />
I know some bi and lesbians that see me as a girl with a c*ck because they see the me that is inside me and the me is more female than male.<br />
I am like you.<br />
I have no interest in men at all.<br />
Their one of the reasons that I embraced my female side in the first place or should I say helped me embrace my female side more.<br />
Not all but most are jerks, even to other guys.<br />
I would most likely be a lesbian if I was in a female body. but I would consider another guy like me, but thats if I was in a female body but not now because I still have male bits that love to be used on female bits. <br />
Its woman that I love in this life, not guys.