Strange Act, But Not Strange Man-when I Slipped My Hand Down The Front Of His Jeans......

I did this to a man one time. He wasn't exactly a stranger, because I knew him, but never in a sexual way before. So what I did to him this night was very STRANGE to us.  We ended up having an incredible night together, all because I was brave enough to slide my hand down the front of his pants. It was awesome, because we were in a room full of people and I was next to him on the couch and my hand/arm was "somewhat" blocked by a large throw pillow. I'm sure if anyone else was paying attention they would have noticed my action and this just added to the overall rush. The man had on loose fitting pants as he had recently lost some weight, so my hand slid right down the front and there was ample room to play with him. He didn't mind a bit, but it would have been hard to object without drawing attention to the rest of the people in the room.  He reached down and slowly unbuckled his jeans giving me full access and allowing things to spring into action.   We eventually had to excuse ourselves to a private area to finish what we started.  It was so worth it!!!!

This is an absolute factual story. Thanks so much for allowing me to relive the memory of that night.   It was the only time in the 30 years I've known him that anything like this had happened between us.  Our relationship has been purely platonic.   It was a special night.   It was about 20 years into the friendship and we've remained friends for 10 years since.  It was just one of those magical nights and he was 23 years my senior.  I was 39 and he was 62.  Gosh, I think I just creamed my panties reliving this.    I'd love to do him again.  At 72, I'm not sure what his capabilities are, but I'm sure his fingers and hands still would work on this 49 year old p*u*s*s*y!!!    He was the most awesome kisser too, and I'm sure he would lick me again..............

Comments and questions welcomed.   How many of you would object to me doing this to you?  How do you know - who would be safe and who isn't.  Would the reaction be like 95% for and 5% against? 

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12 Responses Feb 3, 2010

Very sexy! I love that story

Wow that was written well. They got me all excited thinking about it. Once when I was 16 my girlfriends best friend was urged to reach into my pants..nancy then looked at my gf and said " your a fool, this would be lots of fun" the gf was a virgin, and my mother was in the other room watching football. I always wanted Nancy to finish what you started, but we remain friends for a long time afterwards

Object to you doing this to me? Are you kidding? Sounds really hot and erotic. Never happened to me in my life, not that I get to go to that many parties but if anyone sees me at one and fancies making a guy's dream *** true, feel free ... literally. lol

Lucky guy

I smiled as I read this, and I dont think most men would mind this happening to them, in fact would love it, it is a strangely arousing feeling and a huge one at that having someone play with you as people are around and there is a risk of being found out ,,,,,,, love it<br />
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Am sure the memory of this would get you going , way to go<br />
<br />

There is not a man that I know of who would deny you from pleasuring yourself. From my experiences older men no matter what age, love to be fumbled with even though it may be slow to respond. How often do you get with him now? Wonder if he is still part of your life.

wow i wish when a girl put her hand in my shorts it turned out good like this did

A great story, glad you both enjoyed it, and had a good time.

...I don't wear skirts, but I would gladly wear a kilt for you (nothing under it) that help...

Sign me up,especially with the idea that others could see what we were doing

I'd have to say that any guy that wouldn't appreciate your attentions might have a sexual orientation different than me! Have at it lady! Bill in Va.

I would love for you to put your hands down my pants, sweetie!<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing that story! It was hot, sexy, and sweet!<br />
<br />
I think it's great when friends intiate sexual activities! As long as all involved are consenting,<br />
then go for it!