School Days!

We were on our lunch break in the staff room. Five women of various ages. There had been a local mugging and the subject of corporal punishment arose, including the pros and cons. Ava, one of the older women quietly smiled and let us into this tale….

“It was around 1951 and I’d just qualified as an SRN (state registered nurse), and obtained a position in a rural minor public school. The school had recently opened its doors to girls, and although most classes remained segregated, there was a modicum of fraternisation between the sexes that was seen as healthy.

Of course the attitudes in the early fifties were totally different to today and I was very naïve. I thought it odd though when summoned to the headmaster’s study I was informed that punishment was to take place, administered by the Matron. Of course, it would never occur today and looking back on it now I find it hard to believe I didn’t twig as to what was going on.

The boy being punished as a strapping 17 year old. Not unnaturally his hormones were rampant and he’d not been able to resist peeking into the girls changing rooms. He had been seen and apprehended.

In attendance were the headmaster, head girl as a witness, matron and myself. The boy was ordered to take down his trousers and underwear. I was a little taken aback. I was then directed to check that he was fit for punishment. So, checked his pulse, blood pressure and questioned him as to health.

Matron was in her mid to late forties, severe with thin lips and an ample figure. The head girl, Beryl, observed intently. The headmaster merely looked on as matron explained to the lad the reasons for his punishment and what was due to take place. Of course with three women gazing at his nakedness it was unsurprising that he started to become aroused. Beryl began to smirk and matron immediately thrust him across the desk.

I have to say, she was firm but fair and although the strokes she administered must have been painful they were not undue. At the close of the punishment he stood up and his erection began again, but in earnest. Matron lectured him on his sins and within minutes he was fully erect, much to our amusement. Far from being embarrassed the lad appeared to revel in his notoriety and matron finally demanded he dress and take a cold shower.

This was only carried out for the older boys, as the younger ones merely had their open palms strapped. However, I thought how humiliating this must be for the lads, and for some time was in a moral dilemma. Until I heard on the grapevine, that it was quite an honour to have been ‘matroned’, as the process was called by the boys. It was a sort of ritual to manhood and maintaining an erection after the caning was proof of one’s virility!

Apparently, it was very erotic being caned by a woman, whilst observed by a teen girl and a sexy nurse. (I took that as a compliment). Return offenders were appropriately deterred by matron’s simple remedy - a thinner cane and more severe strokes. Few returned for thirds! Matron and the headmaster were often absent for a short while following a session. I asked no questions.

I was only there for two years before gaining a post at a large hospital in the city. I often wondered how long the ‘punishments’ continued”.
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Well, Ava did say that she'd witnessed a number of canings and in nearly every instance the boy had a full or partial erection. I think that's the answer in itself!

When my Mistress sees me even pertly erect after a belting or paddling, she guess the punishment was not painful enough and repeats it. Frankly speaking, she is right. We, males, are quite primitive creatures and the majority of our thoughts are absolutely evident.

Surely, Ms Josszav, for those of us who is not crazy about "male pride", belting (or paddling) by a woman is a bliss (especially if a girl and a young woman are watching it). Unfortunately those crazy about their male pride understand it only years later.